Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is, in our opinion, the future of urban farming. Veggie Confetti Farm is a small, family-run vertical farm in Palatka, FL. Crops are grown indoors in a self-contained, climate controlled environment. Our farm uses 80% – 90% less water than a conventional farm, has no nutrient run-off, and uses far less land due to our vertical farming techniques.

Vertical farming at Veggie Confetti Farm

We farm in a 200 square foot space, growing up instead of out. Floor to ceiling stainless steel racks line the walls of our state-of-the-art grow room. With our indoor hydroponic system we can grow over 60 trays of microgreens and shoots per 10 day cycle. The fresh, and lush microgreens are delivered live to area chefs who harvest them just minutes prior to serving. Veggie Confetti Farm microgreens, shoots and grow your own kits are also available direct to the public at Northeast Florida area farmers’ markets. Please contact us to find out our upcoming schedule.

Vertical Farming and the Future

Vertical farming practices could change the future of farming. With these modern methods, crops can be grown hydroponically year round in virtually any indoor location with little to no impact on the environment. Envision a city where people could visit their neighborhood vertical farm and purchase fresh produce harvested just hours earlier.

In London, a large successful vertical farm, Growing Underground, has been set up in old WWII tunnels under the streets of the city. Using hydroponic growing systems and LED lights this underground farm is bringing food production back to the city, offering fresh local produce to thousands while taking pressure off agriculture land and reducing the need to import crops.

Veggie Confetti Farm has a mission to teach others our vertical farming methods and how they can operate their own local microgreen business. If you are interested in starting up a vertical microgreen farm in your area please contact us for further information.

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